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We are storytellers, film-makers, craftsmen. Where There’s Smoke creates entertainment, brand & advertising content for multi-channels. We conceive, plan, write, direct & produce our projects. A strong background in branding, broadcast design, film and digital environments is met with extensive agency & big brand experience.

WTS are focused on developing inspirational content with-in the areas of youth, pop culture and lifestyle audiences. However, our experience extends far beyond these niches. We choose to work with energetic brands with a youthful approach to creativity and provide our clients with intimate and relaxed environments for idea development.

Where There's Smoke fosters a belief in collaboration & services can be bundled or unbundled. We’re small by design, big by experience… come play.

If advertising is art... This is a masterpiece

THE GUARDIAN - GE 'Innovation Never Sleeps'


THE GUARDIAN - GE 'Innovation Never Sleeps'


We've been eagerly awaiting the launch of our latest project and we’re thrilled to be able to now share it with you. 

WTS recently produced an ambitious interactive web documentary series for The Guardian Australia called 'Innovation Never Sleeps’. This campaign explores 24 hours in the lives of several unsung heroes of technology to reveal how they are achieving major advances in various fields across the nation. 

Our specialised team traveled Australia capturing the stories of these extraordinary technological minds who are changing our seas, our skies, our health, and even our solar system. 

Have a look at the website and immerse yourselves in their stories. Sneak peak - SPACE BEER. Yep, the first ever drinkable Beer in Space. 

VIEW THE WEBSITE: labs.theguardian.com/innovation-never-sleeps

This was a challenging project on many levels but with a great client and amazing teamwork, we all came together and made something unique and special. 




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