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We are storytellers, film-makers, craftsmen. Where There’s Smoke creates entertainment, brand & advertising content for multi-channels. We conceive, plan, write, direct & produce our projects. A strong background in branding, broadcast design, film and digital environments is met with extensive agency & big brand experience.

WTS are focused on developing inspirational content with-in the areas of youth, pop culture and lifestyle audiences. However, our experience extends far beyond these niches. We choose to work with energetic brands with a youthful approach to creativity and provide our clients with intimate and relaxed environments for idea development.

Where There's Smoke fosters a belief in collaboration & services can be bundled or unbundled. We’re small by design, big by experience… come play.

If advertising is art... This is a masterpiece


FUEL TV - Bowl-a-rama 


For the last 4 years Sydney has played host to one of the most significant events in Australian Skateboarding. This event sees the biggest names in the industry converge on Bondi Beach. A beach side town known for its contradictory appeal of urban bohemia and beach culture. Famous for its sun bathed woman, parties and celebrities. To the outsider this is just a days sporting event perched on the hill of Australia's most iconic beach. To us this is Skateboarding.

Bowlarama 2010, a 30 minute special feature presentation for Fuel TV Australia.




Creative / Director / Producer - Jeremy Hancock
Cameras - Toby Heslop, Matt Ginnis
Editor - Mark Blondel
Broadcast Designer - Mark Blondel
Sound Design - Matt Brown 
Production Company - Where There's Smoke